Saturday, July 28, 2007

Short Skirt and Long Jacket

well well well, summer is ending (although here in the third world is neverending) but since i'm moving early next year and the last month of this very current i'll offty to london i've been thinking what could suit me better as outerwear for protecticng myself from the freezing cold of the european cities. i've been saving some money money money to buy a really nice coat i could wear during the whole season and maybe in posterior years. here there are my options.
1. the shiny jacket: dior homme metallic sherling leather jacket. i think it would be perfect, it's something everybody's going to remember and it's a collectible item because is from hedi slimane's last season in the french house. practicity: since i'm a shorty it would be grat because it's cut at the waist, but the sherling can be too much if like last year it's not cold enough. in any case i could wear just a tee or a shirt inside. cost: 3471 euros. Is it really worth it?

2. the white cardigan. phillip lim 3.1. military style cardigan in 100% fine merino wool. hmm this option from phillip lim is nice the wheater don't get too coldy. i like the color and the fact is double breasted which is going to be the must this season. this cardi can look good either with jeans or dressier pants. practicity: this is gonna work only if it doesn't snow . i could not wear it with a thick scarf beacuse it would become too chunky and the white is gonna get dirty at the moment i just go out to the street. cost: 695 $. I think the price is right.

3. the quilted jacket. bolongaro trevaro cropped quilted mac analine napa leather. i like the whole rock n' roll meets british heritage feeling going on in this jacket. paired with skiny jeans and some big sneakers is tha bomb. the quilting makes me think of chanel or burberry although this is from a relatively unknown couple of british designers. sometimes is good to have something people ask you where did you get it and then drop the name and look people saying whaaaaatz? practicity: the whole jacket is perfect per se, you can wear it closed or open. it also has pockets for protecting from the cold and a lot of straps to adjust it to fit. price: n/a but it's in pounds. this shit is gonna be goddamn pricey for sure.

4. the bizarre jacket. ATO two layer sport jacket. This jacket is divided in two layers: the external in wool and the internal in some king of pvcish material. the main feature of this jackets is you can wear it open as seen in the pic and when it closes the pvc material becomes a very strange kind of scarf/hood for protecting from the freezing cold. it has non seasonable potential so i could be wore for several years. but the brand is totally unknown, even for me. practicity; it's cute, strange and accomplish it's functions, i'd wish to know if the internal layer is detachable. cost: 1014 euros. somehow okay but a little bit pricey for being a non known brand.

5. the brown leather jacket. rick owens washed snap collar leather jacket. what i really like about this jacket is the texturized leather and the whiskey brown color. although it is from rick owen known for being a fashion maverick is quite adaptable for any situation. the knit finishes in the sleeves could give you some extra protection when required. practicity: the jacket is perfect, it does not have flaws but lacks of some babababoom impact. it could be worn for years and not being just that jacket from 2007. cost: 1588 euros. quite expensive.

6. the cape. john richmond wool cape coat. if you wanna look excentric you gotta have it. it has a goth mood and would be perfect to make impressive entrances. probably not very wearable everyday the key brooch detail is kinda cute. practicity: does a cape cover you enough? i don't know but if does, the posibilities of matching it with a variety of outfists is almost non existant. you can wear it to go to de opera and do look like the phantom. however it does impact. cost: 613 euros. okay but is a cape.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Stylish Video of the Week II

this week i was working hard so i couldn't post anything.i think there was nothing interesting outside to post anyways, but i probably will be posting something next week.
anyways, i couldn't pass to post the second edition of the stylish video of the week. here we have miss minogue and some of her videos with lovely outfits: first there is slow wering balenciaga, then chocolate wearing helmut lang and i believe in you wearing dolce & gabanna of which she has been a long time collaborator.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Stylish Video of the Week

this is the first of the weekly feature the stylish video. this week eccentric irish singer (and former moloko's) rosin murphy and her second single overpowered. why? who dears to wear a gareth pugh coat and a plastic bag when taking the bus. enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She Rocks my Prada, I Dior her Chanel

if you have enough money to bid against the queerest queer that queered this world a.k.a. bryanboy (, just go now to the prada prototypes auction taking place at there you will find the yellow open toe maryjanes seen above and other finds such as pailleté skirts and mohair coats at astronomical prices. but those are collector items and you will be the only ones having them if you can afford them. the auction begun last monday and will be on until the 25th july. every monday, wednesday and friday new items will be added. bon chance bidding against the apparently richest filipino after the marcos family.
p.s. bryanboy give me some of your acne jeans and chanel clothing for me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Das Model

I love this video from it was realeased as a short film by photography wunderkind nick knight announcing the nominees to the cfda womenswear award. it's a shame they didn't include the rodarte clothing. the model is the seen-even-in-your-cousin-bar-mitzvah-or-first-communion agyness deyn. i personally think her short hair and cool attitude is what has made herself a top model. enjoy it and comment.

The Godfather

when i first knew about the hedi's departure from dior homme my angst wasn't he was leaving. i knew, know and i'm pretty sure he's going to come back as tom ford did and many others (including roland mouret) have done. my main concern was about the aesthetic hedi had conceived to a brand to which i felt really identify to. skinny clothes for skinny people who like to rock 'n roll.
what kriss van asche showed were a lot of impossible pants to wear who reminded me of the godfather trilogy. sicilian mob wool pants wide enough to carry potatoes for a whole army with the weapons inside. such a big dissapointment, just awful mc hammer pants with a few nice shirts. i'm going into cerruti's clothing designed by another hedi's ex assistant: nicolas andreas taralis. edgy and skinny cut for boys who like and know about good clothing and having fun with it.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Back to the Start

Hi you loyal fans... (If there was any sometime)

It has been almost 8 months since the last time I posted something here. Now I'm back. I feel I have to dedicate more time to my fashion addiction over other stupid things I've been doing lately. Yeap, working, but that's not that important since I have new plans in my life and this blogs along with other projects will become very important for me.
Some things have changed in the past few months... some of them dissapointing, some of them cheerful.
E.G. Dior Homme is not longer designed by the venerable Monsieur Hedi Slimane. By now Mr. Kriss Van Asche has took over the fashion house that everybody knows is one of my favorites along with H&M.
Also, Monsieur Roland Mouret has made a stunning comeback from the shadows. His Satellite Collection is already on pre sale on
So. Stay tuned.
I'll be posting more these days....