Sunday, October 14, 2007

how soon is now (or how i'm part of the ysl history)

well i'm not gonna to play modesty here. i know i could do -sooner or later- something great in fashion history. but i never thought i was going to be that soon.
like two months ago the cult fashion website showstudio was doing sort of a constest for a playwright to a mini film they were doing along the great french fashion house of yves saint laurent and his new line 24. they were asking people to submit their own script besed on some ideas they gave to you. i sent two.
then they asked for submit some ideological statements to be included in the film.
by now 12 of the 24 scenes has been revealed. yet, none of those scenes i wrote have been uploaded, so i dont know if they chose them. but, but... yeah one of my political statements got a prime close up in one scene. i couldn't believe it and i even had to check if it had been me who wrote it...
anyways i'm part of the ysl history and closer to nick knight.

click here for the video

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Blogger Dustcakeboy said...

That's fantastic news. The video is exquisite. Props to you.

Great blog by the way..linking to you now..

4:46 AM  
Blogger MR style said...

wow being part of ysl history is just a privilege !! tu as de la chance !! continue comme cela !

6:31 PM  

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