Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She Rocks my Prada, I Dior her Chanel

if you have enough money to bid against the queerest queer that queered this world a.k.a. bryanboy (, just go now to the prada prototypes auction taking place at there you will find the yellow open toe maryjanes seen above and other finds such as pailleté skirts and mohair coats at astronomical prices. but those are collector items and you will be the only ones having them if you can afford them. the auction begun last monday and will be on until the 25th july. every monday, wednesday and friday new items will be added. bon chance bidding against the apparently richest filipino after the marcos family.
p.s. bryanboy give me some of your acne jeans and chanel clothing for me.


Blogger Eli said...

Alas, just something to make us hopefuls a little more sad..

4:29 PM  

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