Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Godfather

when i first knew about the hedi's departure from dior homme my angst wasn't he was leaving. i knew, know and i'm pretty sure he's going to come back as tom ford did and many others (including roland mouret) have done. my main concern was about the aesthetic hedi had conceived to a brand to which i felt really identify to. skinny clothes for skinny people who like to rock 'n roll.
what kriss van asche showed were a lot of impossible pants to wear who reminded me of the godfather trilogy. sicilian mob wool pants wide enough to carry potatoes for a whole army with the weapons inside. such a big dissapointment, just awful mc hammer pants with a few nice shirts. i'm going into cerruti's clothing designed by another hedi's ex assistant: nicolas andreas taralis. edgy and skinny cut for boys who like and know about good clothing and having fun with it.


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