Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Stylish Video or How Much Roisin Murphy Loves Gareth Pugh and Avant-Garde Designers

ok maybe you will say i'm a little bit obssesed with miss roisin murphy. the true is i really never liked her very much. when she was in moloko i barely could stand sing it back. i know now i dance it whenever it's spun, but back then i wasn't crazy about that song. she looked to me like another funny chubby singer. then it came the ramalamayanmanan thingy. not into it neither.
but what happened? she changed... her music is probably a little bit catchier for me, less funky more disco. overpowered her new album is about to hit the stores next month and almost two months ago she released her first single which i posted here. in the cover of the overpowered single she was wearing a viktor & rolf total look with spotlights and clogs included (for those who don't know viktor & rolf are some of my favorite designers). for the video of that single she wore british uncomprenhesible rick owens protegé gareth pugh. and she must adore him. for her second single -let me know- guess what she is wearing for the artwork in the cover? aha! yeah! another of the strange pugh's desings. in the video, a disco diner extravaganza, murphy chooses another of the great designers of the last decades, the unknown martin margiela, but she doesn't leave aside her pal gareth and takes a transparent trenchcoat of his latest collection to put it over the simplicity of margiela's work.
well let's check the artwork and dance while watching the video.


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