Friday, September 14, 2007

Imitation of Life

is copying a part of the creative process?
this could be the question everybody should be asking after a sort of dissapointing ny fashion week.
everybody has taken it on marc jacobs: the two hours delay in his show, the supposed drinks at the mercer, the backwards show , the similarities on his collection with the works of martin margiela and rei kawakubo, the shoes from junko shimada and the "hommage" to the old skool vans in his marc by marc show.
but have you noticed everybody is copying everybody these day? some call it references but some others is a vulgar copy. and i'm not protesting about high fashion retailers such as h&m, zara, gap or forever 21 which are just cheaper versions of what have been seen on the runways, but other great, expensive with loads of publicity designers.
my example today is phillip lim and his 3.1. collection. I must say i like the subtle way lim creates his clothes. his spring 2007 collection and then fall were great at my eyes. but why this was so lame this season? why did he imitate chistopher kane (who already was channeling gianni versace's early 90's work) marc jacobs (who's been said to be just a recollector of vintage finds) and madame grès (a great reference but too overused). here i'm not trying to defend marc, nor copying. i'm just asking myself: is there anything new in fashion anyways?

the evidences of phillip lim's lack of imagination:

the lenght, style and hem of christopher kane for spring and fall 2007

channeling marc's post it dress circa 2003

the too obvious madame grès reference

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Blogger Original It Boy said...

olvidaste a Proenza Schouler SS08 y Balenciaga FW08. adoro a Lazaro y Jack pero fue como un exceso las referencias que tomaron.

te unes al intern -que no logro usar Prada- para ir las colecciones de Paris el proximo ano?


1:27 PM  
Blogger irene said...

Haha, oh yeah but if it's Madame Gres, it's okay because he's 'referencing' rather than copying - that's why designers love to do "vintage inspired" collections!!! Because the designer's not alive anymore to defend themselves!

3:33 AM  

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