Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Showstudio Update

last post was about how i managed to get into a yves saint laurent project by showstudio, this time i have a new announcement to make. if it's true i didn't got none of my scripts to be done, another of my statements was written in another of the videos. in addition a question was made out of it for the contest the site is running to win a bag from the ysl 24 line (the pic above). all this is making me closer to natasha poly, stefano pilati and nick knight. could one of you just hire me? and i want to win the bag.
click here for the new video

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

how soon is now (or how i'm part of the ysl history)

well i'm not gonna to play modesty here. i know i could do -sooner or later- something great in fashion history. but i never thought i was going to be that soon.
like two months ago the cult fashion website showstudio was doing sort of a constest for a playwright to a mini film they were doing along the great french fashion house of yves saint laurent and his new line 24. they were asking people to submit their own script besed on some ideas they gave to you. i sent two.
then they asked for submit some ideological statements to be included in the film.
by now 12 of the 24 scenes has been revealed. yet, none of those scenes i wrote have been uploaded, so i dont know if they chose them. but, but... yeah one of my political statements got a prime close up in one scene. i couldn't believe it and i even had to check if it had been me who wrote it...
anyways i'm part of the ysl history and closer to nick knight.

click here for the video

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Fav Five

last friday I was interviwed as one of the young fashion journalist of my country. since i'm not journalist and there's not a fashion bussiness in here i took it very loose and went with not expectations to the interview. it happened to be very pleasant until it came the unavoidable cliché question: who are your favorite designers?
what should i answer? i've never sat and think about who are they... i even think i really dont like a designer in particular but collections by some designer.
it would be right to say that since sometimes i can love what consuelo castiglione does for marni and then, next season hate it all.
anyways i had to give an answer. i went for the obvious and here i come with it.

1. hedi slimane: everybody knows he is actually my favorite designer. but what i really love is his aesthetics and wy to understand the young lads who want practical, luxurious but at the same time very wearable clothes. he's probably the only designer who has really dare and succesfully work his menswear in the past 50 years. i know he's doing nothing but taking pics and doing some other collaborations even as stylist, but i had to name it. that's what i love of him, he has a vision and he's constant with it in everything he does.

2. karl lagerfeld: how not to mention him. he's absolutely the king of fashion. maybe he's not the more good looking man in the world but he has to be one of the more talented. how he manages to create and supervise almost ten collections a year? he does chanel, fendi and his own and in all he adds his vision respectinc the tradition of the house. in addition how not to love him: he's the man who lost weight in order to wear hedi slimane and now is obssesed with thinness.

3. nicolas ghesquière: oh, oh, oh. that's the only thing you can say when you talk about ghesquière. always surprising, edgy, modern and at the same time conceptual. his fashion is not for everyone and he could be misunderstood because he never restrains his creatitivity. taking clues from balenciaga's own work and incorporing some avant-garde architectural and youthful approach he has made the french maison in a cult. i could say he is the very first great designer of this current century.

4. viktor & rolf. fashion for art sake. that should be their motto. this couple of dutch designers had made wow paris collection after collection. sometimes they go too further in his conceptualization of the clothes and their shows end up being the laughing stock of the fashion world. but that doesnt stop them from making matriuskas and bells couture dresses to chanel and real subtle and floating wearable clothing. they definetly are the crazy ones of the crowd and the ones having more fun.

5. hussein chalayan: you have to remember this guy buried his graduation collection. hussein chalayan is the more conceptual guy in the fashion world. he always think of the nature and how it affects the human being. he has gone to bankrupcy more times than donald trump and always he comes alive from his ashes to make another exquisite collection. last years he has gone more commercial but at the same time has incorpored some mechanicals and electrical devices to his clothes what makes them stunning.