Friday, August 10, 2007

Behind the Velvet Ropes

when I was a teenager I used to watch this fashion tv program called behind the velvet ropes with lauren ezersky. A jewish eccentric woman who always were running up and down nyc trying to get in and crash every single fashion party or show. anyways this doesnt have anything to do with my post besides she was really tacky and it was on the 90's. she was of the kind wearing animal prints, flashy jewelry and expensive shoes very gianni. and I like flashy and tacky and i liked gianni at that too.
and example of much i like this tackyness are dresses from british wunderkind and sort of donatella versace's protegé christopher kane. his first collection channeling versace's 80's work made him famous and people of the likes of carine roitfeld were wearing his neon very ornated dresses. for fall he went further with the versace theme taking the 1992 bondage collection and adding velvet and leather, pleating it and putting some rocks on it. i love how horrible his dresses are how they would make you look like a s/m santa girl. awful but still lovely.

all images courtesy of - christopher kane available online on


Blogger Misterparticular said...

I just had dinner with Lauren two weeks ago! Still the same heavy eyeliner, silver hair, new yorker accent, but now lots of southwestern silver and turquoise rings, faded denim, lacyblouse and a little chihuahua! Not really a designer look--I remember her in the 90's in head to to Galliano on the subway--but a look nonetheless. She was great--actually a very nice person.

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