Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Skull

when everybody thought the skull and crossbones mania had been left in the past, and you all had hidden and denied your skelleton crush, there comes the $ 100 million man and makes you think to give it a second chance. after being the symbol of 2006 hipster summer, the skull has been re-edited by one of the greats of the contemporary art. the man who makes the tate museum to buy him a shark, the man who makes colored spots pictures, the man of the pills hanging in the zillionares walls and the man of the fucking diamond skull. yeah! damien hirst now has a clothing line. well in theory it's not his, but it does have his name tagged on it. last weekend the levi's factory x unveiled its collaboration with the british artist, and guess what? there were some skulls. skulls in tees, skulls in pendants, skulls in pants, skulls everywhere. i must admit i'm not into the skully thingy anymore, however i liked some of the old school looks with a little bit sixities hip: the zippery jeans, the hats (damn i look awful in hats), the wayfarers (the look that next year we all will be hiding) and some of the jackets. well the good news are that they don't cost $ 100 million like the infamous "masterpiece", but about $ 100. So those are affordable, wearable and collectible items. it's like wearing cheap art, ain't?
c'mon bitches support the richer!

the talented mr. hirst

the $ 100 million inspiration

the looks

what i would wear

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Blogger MR style said...

damien hirst is so fantastic ! one of the most important artist of our time

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